What We Do


  • We provide a range of supports to those individuals aged 6 and up who have an intellectual disability.
  • We are committed to providing a variety of services that are as individualized as possible and meet the needs of child, youth, adults and families.
  • Strives to work in collaboration with individuals, families, friends, caregivers, community partners and other service providers.

 Service Philosophy

Community Living – West Northumberland provides assistance and supports on an individualized basis in accordance with each person’s needs, wishes, abilities and aspirations; which will be adjusted, as and when required, to respond to changing needs and choices.  Those served by the Association will be encouraged to exercise their rights, live up to their obligations and direct their own lives.

The organization will work to ensure that the people it serves have access to their community, including an education, a home life of their choosing, opportunities to do meaningful work and engage in recreational activities of their choice.

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