Community Participation Supports – Adult Services


  • Provides a range of support to adults with an intellectual disability who are 18 years of age and older
  • Assists individuals to direct and develop an individualized plan of support in conjunction with their family, teachers, significant others, community members or whomever the individual identifies

Planning and Assessment

  • A planning staff will help each individual to create his/her own individualized plan of support based on his/her short and long term goals, strengths, dreams and aspirations.

Skill Development

  • Skill Development provides the individual the opportunity to learn and expand both basic and advanced social, daily living and safety skills within the community and within his/her home setting.
  • Providing opportunities for individuals to learn the skills necessary to gain greater independence/interdependence both within their home and the community.

Emotional Awareness

  • Emotional Awareness Training offers individuals the opportunity to learn about their emotions, how to communicate with others and manage stress.  These skills enhance the individuals’ awareness of others.  This training assists the individual to develop constructive and mutually satisfying relationships with others.


  • The purpose of workshops is to teach specialized skills in a group model for a specific time period.  The goal is to offer individuals an opportunity for group work and interaction in order to learn specific skills.  Contact us for a list of our current roster of workshops that we offer on a rotational basis.

Volunteer Jobs

  • Support provided to individuals to obtain a volunteer job matched to their goals and aspirations.


  • Will assist you to develop your own individualized plan of support
  • Will explore your own unique talents, strengths and abilities
  • Will plan with you on an ongoing basis and can include members of your family, friends, care givers and members of the community
  • Will help you identify your goals, both now and in the future.  Goals may include housing, work, volunteer, skill development leisure and recreation options

Community Activities

Community Activities provides opportunities to explore new and different experiences through community based activities, clubs and hobbies.  It allows for new friendships to develop based on shared interests.  Partnerships and collaborations have developed with community groups such as the Family Y, the Taoist Tai Chi Society, the Cobourg Library and the Kiwansis Club.  The latter, has resulted in a chartered community service club called the Northumberland AKTION Club that’s focus is leadership skills and community service.

Community Activity opportunities run on five month semesters with a seasonal summer activity schedule.  People are invited to sign up for activities based on their interests.  Some examples of these activities include a Book Club, Dancercise, Vocal Music Group, Scrapbooking, Drama Club and Tai Chi in the Park.  To date twenty five (25) community opportunities have been offered.

Contact us at (905) 372-4455 Ext. 229 for more information and to register.



At Link-Up, it’s all about the food! On Wednesday nights, Community Living – West Northumberland hosts an evening where people gather to cook, eat, and have fun together.

Link-Up began in 2015 and has been rapidly growing ever since. It uses the fun, social aspect of preparing and sharing meals to provide opportunities for learning new skills while making new friends. Each event revolves around a theme that people have requested. Over the years, some favourites have emerged while new ideas are introduced in each calendar. Once a month, Link-Up features a night out to explore our great local eateries.

Contact us at 905-372-4455 Ext. 221 for more information and to register.


Community Events

Evening Social Community Events occur throughout the year.  These events are opportunities for family, friends and neighbours to get together socially.  Events take place at accessible venues at a reasonable cost and are advertised locally through a mailing list and local media. Some of the events that have occurred in our local communities are:   The Annual Barbeque and Music Under the Trees evening, Café and Music Night in partnership with the local high school music program, Karaoke/ Dance Night, Survivor Night and a Car rally.

For more information visit our events page or contact us – (905) 372-4455 Ext 229

Multi Sensory Room

  • Multi Sensory Room is an environment for which primary senses are stimulated by wonderful combinations of music, lighting effects, gentle vibrations, tactile sensations and aromas.
  • Available, free of charge, to all people in Northumberland County.
  • Designed to allow an individual to explore an array of wonderful sensory activities.
  • Children, youth and adults have an opportunity to experience a setting filled with lights, sounds, activities and items they can see, touch, hear or smell.
  • Provides stimulating experiences and activities that are used to increase awareness and positive behaviour for people with sensory impairment or neurological problems.
  • The room is accessed on a one-to-one basis with a trained family member or caregiver.
  • Multi Sensory Room features Snoezelen Equipmentequipment

There is no fee for the training to use the room.  The room is open all year and we encourage all members of the community access it.  It promotes wellness and is an effective anxiety reducing venue for all who use it.

Multi Sensory Room Funding Partners are Ronald McDonald House and the Port Hope & District Healthcare Foundation.  Donations are welcomed.

Visit our Facebook page for photos and updates on The Multi Sensory Room”

Please contact us for bookings, information and training:  (905) 372-4455 Ext: 223


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