ODSP Employment Supports



EARN is an ODSP Employment Supports provider that helps persons with disabilities to:

  • Find a job
  • Advance to another job if under employed
  • Overcome a disability-related job crisis to maintain employment
  • Retain long-term employment

E.A.R.N. will help identify the strengths and skills each person has to offer a work place, as well as those skills that may need improvement.  The EARN program promotes the skills and abilities of clients to employers and community members.

E.A.R.N. is a voluntary program that offers one-to-one support to persons with disabilities.   E.A.R.N. will help you identify the strengths and skills you have to offer a workplace to achieve meaningful employment.

How We Can Help:

  • Assist with the ODSP Employment Supports Application
  • Employment Planning: Addressing barriers to employment and establishing realistic career goals
  • Job Search Assistance: Resume/cover letter development, job search strategies, interview tips, and resources
  • Job Placement/ Advancement: Connecting you to employers
  • On- the- Job Training: Providing opportunities to gain hands on experience in a job trial
  • Job Coaching: Support to you and your employer to help you to learn a new job, prevent job crisis and ensure success
  • Job Maintenance: Job retention support for up to 33 months

If you are interested in pursuing ODSP Employment Supports please contact:

Tori Johnston
(905) 377-9920 Ext. 23
[email protected]

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