Our Vision

“That all persons live in a state of dignity, share in all elements of living in the community, and have the opportunity to participate fully.”


Community Living – West Northumberland envisions a society where everyone belongs, have equality, respect and acceptance.  This gives people a sense of self-worth and opportunities for growth.  The gifts, uniqueness and innate value of each individual are celebrated, supported and acknowledged as essential to the completeness of the whole community.


To achieve this, society has taken responsibility to provide the necessary resources and supports, both natural and organized, to ensure that:

  1. All children are nurtured within the family and, because of this, enjoy the benefits of family life.
  2. All children go with their neighbourhood friends to their neighbourhood schools where they grow and learn together.
  3. All people live with a sense of security and freedom from harm.
  4. All people have access to adequate icome, quality health care and supports that respect the official langues of Canada, First Nations languages and other languages and cultures.
  5. All people have the opportunity and freedom to contribute to, and participate in, their communities through political and religious expression, voluntarism, liesure activities and in other ways.
  6. All people can aspire to and have typical expectations of worthwhile career options, real work for real pay and fair recognition of accomplishment.
  7. All people have access in adulthood to decent and appropriate homes which they are able to call their own.
  8. All people can retire, eventually, to enjoy the lifestyle and activities of their own choosing.

The quality of our lives is dependent upon how, when, where and with whom we are free to live, love, learn, work and spend our personal time.  The community has taken responsibility to ensure that people are supported to the extent that is necessary to meet individual needs.  People have the necessary empowerment and are free to:

  1. Enjoy and exercise all the rights of citizenship.
  2. Make real choices in self-defined terms, however those choices are expressed.
  3. Enjoy friendships and other naturally supported relationships.
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